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Welcome to Fallow Candle Co, a small family business that has been illuminating homes since 2020. Operating in the picturesque Tasman Peninsula area, we take pride in our local roots and the support we've received from our community.


Our journey began when Emma, the founder, grew tired of spending exorbitant amounts on candles that didn't live up to their promises. Fueled by a desire for quality and affordability, Emma embarked on a six-month journey of trial and error, perfecting the art of candle making. The result was Fallow Candle Co, where every candle is a testament to Emma's dedication and passion.


Emma, a full-time professional in the construction industry, manages to balance her career with the responsibilities of family life. Alongside her partner Kev and their adorable firstborn, Poppy, the trio actively participates in local markets within the Tasman Peninsula area. These markets not only allow us to showcase our handcrafted candles but also provide an opportunity to connect with our community on a personal level.


At Fallow Candle Co, we believe in more than just creating beautiful candles; we are committed to fostering a sense of community and sharing the warmth of our handmade creations. By keeping our prices reasonable, we ensure that our candles are not just a luxury for a select few but a delightful indulgence for everyone.
Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to lighting up your homes with the essence of our small, family-run business.


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